The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday April 23, 2021.
Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: Another great week on the local reefs. Made better by the gradual clearing of the murky water in Laguna Bay and beyond and accentuated by the pelagic/bird/bait school activity that gradually moved closer to the bar (see video above) as the week progressed. As is typical of this time of year, the morning sessions were the best (with light to moderate variable winds dominating) while the afternoon sessions were a tad fresher, but still very fishable.


Double Island Point was again on the agenda for the bigger boats. Report and photo from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. Pictured (above) is one of a number of quality snapper we boated on Saturday’s nine hour trip to D.I. It took a liking to a soft plastic, as did a few other snapper and spangled emperor. The rest of the catch was tusk fish, moses perch, pearl perch and mahi mahi (on a trolled skirt). Current was running steadily to the south. Cheers, Nat."

Spanish Mackerel and Coral Trout

Closer to home, the middle reef belt and outer edge of Sunshine Reef were certainly worth a shot. From Dave Leonard, above... "Myself and deckie Mick hit Sunshine Wide and managed some quality coral trout and a hot Spanish mackerel bite after the tide turn. Live baits and floating pillies did the damage."

Wahoo and Coral Trout

And we received this report and photos (above) from Chicko Vella, Tackle World Noosa... "Everything came into line on our latest trip... tide, wind, current, swell and fish. Most boats did well this week with good catches in the esky. Schools of tuna smashing up bait, some nice Spanish and spotty mackerel on floaters. Solid yellowtail kingfish on live baits and large trout on the reef floor. Our journey took us wide on Sunshine Reef where young Joey Tagg wrestled with his first ever wahoo which went for a wahoo pattern Rapala deep diver. From there we came into the dark water and managed to get a fish on every drop. The two fat strawbs we boated couldn't resist a live bait, whilst the grass sweetlip and tusk fish responded well to our paternoster rigs. Cheers, Chicko." 

Longtail Tuna and Coral Trout

Plus another report and photos (above) from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "We were flat out running back to back five and seven hour trips this week. The fishing was good on the close reefs from Sunshine to Coolum. There seems to be good numbers of yellowtail kingfish around, along with pearl perch, grass emperor, tusk fish, coral trout, small snapper and the odd Spanish mackerel. The water was fairly dirty with a steady current from the south. Cheers, Nat." 

Spanish Mackerel

And from Cougar One skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We’ve been pretty busy this week running five, seven and nine hour trips in glorious conditions. The good fishing has continued with one awesome morning on Sunshine Reef catching Spanish mackerel (as above) on stick baits. The nine hour trips have also been producing Spanish mackerel, snapper, sweetlip, large mouth nannygai, trevally, tusk fish, spotty mackerel and pearl perch. On the five hour trips later in the week we caught spotted, Spanish and school mackerel, coral trout (as below left), grass emperor, venus tusk fish and gold spot cod."

Coral Trout and Parrot Fish

While Roland Dean (above right) fished Sunshine Reef late last week for coral trout, grass sweetlip and this 10.5kg bluebone tusk fish. It went for a squid bait.


But what about this quality capture! Andrew Tupp from Mount Coolum (above) boated this thumper 29kg cobia at Sunshine Reef on Saturday morning. It went for a slimy mackerel floater. Andrew didn't receive much in the way of points for this brief story but he was awarded enough points for the fish (and the solo battle that would have tested his arms and gear) to help him take out this week's $100.00 Tackle World Noosa/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.

As mentioned already, Laguna Bay slowly lost the murk as the week progressed and eventually the small tuna and larger longtails moved closer in, targeting the big bait schools and coming within 100 metres of the bar. There were also a few Spanish mackerel reported on the bite along the Hall's Reef stretch.

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COASTAL: Mike Sultana, Northshore Bait and Tackle... "The rocks around the Yaroomba have been very productive this week with good catches of bream and trevally as well as some legal snapper and the odd sweetlip. Peregian and Marcus beaches were good for whiting, with the start of the run out the most productive. Further up, Castaways Beach was a good option for flathead and dart while the northern end of Sunshine Beach was another whiting hot spot.

Sunrise over the Headland

On the National Park headland, trevally and rat yellowtail kingfish were schooling from Hells Gate to the Fairy Pools while chopper tailor and the odd quality bream were on the bite around Dolphin Point. Across the bay, whiting were biting around Teewah village and dart were active towards Double Island Point.

ESTUARY: Adam Neilson, Tackle World Noosa... "With the holidays over the reduced boat traffic on the water has seen the fishing pick up a fait bit. The jacks came out to play at the river mouth, as did the whiting and flathead in the Frying Pan. The Current Line, of course, was still good for trevally and the odd tailor (as were the waters out from the Noosa Yacht Club at first light) while in Weyba Creek the whiting were responding well to live prawns and yabbies. 


Report and photos from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. The Woods Bays fished well most of the week. We got some nice queenfish, flathead, bream and very early in the morning some trevally and tailor. Taine and his two boys Ollie and Henry from Sydney (above) caught this 65cm flathead earlier in the week while George from the Gold Coast (below) is pictured with a flathead and queenfish (released) from Tuesday morning's charter. The river mouth and Dog Beach area produced moses perch, flathead and the odd tarwhine. Lake Cooroibah also fished well for flathead, bream and trevally."

Flathead and Queenfish

More from Adam Neilson... "Up around Tewantin, mangrove jacks were on the prowl between dusk and dawn around the Noosa Marina and, together with mud crabs,  further up between the lakes. Apart from that, there were a few keeper size flathead active in the boat channel in Lake Cooroibah."


Please Note: We often receive photos of large fish (especially flathead) that show them held for the photo by lip grips only. This is not recommended. These fish should be supported with two hands (as pictured above) when posing for your photos. More so those with lip grips in their mouths. By supporting them with two hands it minimises trauma and helps with their successful release. Note: Incorrectly supported fish will not be eligible for the FOTW Competition. If you don’t want to touch the fish, that’s fine. Just get a photo of it on the sand in front of you. Or, even better, in the water as you release it.

FRESHWATER: Grant Budd, Northshore Bait and Tackle... "The impoundments are still yet to really fire for those who are chasing the bigger fish. Right now smaller bass around 35cm-40cm have been the most common size caught. The big ones, however, have been a bit harder to find. The lower basin of Borumba is more popular due to the hazardous timbers beyond the ski zone making the smaller bays a great starting point. Fishing hard on the bottom and trolling small hard bodies is working well. Look at the new range from Berkley with the small Brimz 38mm being a great starting point at a great price.

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