The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday August 2, 2019.
Davo's Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: The bar caught a few people out on Saturday morning. An overnight increase in swell and a strong runout caused a few problems. One boat, a 5.5m+ centre console (see above) came to grief twenty minutes before first light. The crew of four were washed out into the bay and later rescued by fellow boaties. Another boat was partially swamped and returned strapped to the side of Coast Guard vessel John Waddams. From Sunday onwards, however, conditions were more settled. The good weather pattern ran out of steam on Tuesday afternoon but up to that point it was 'make hay while the sun shines'.


While the going was good, Double Island Point was a preferred destination for some of the bigger boats. Report and photos (above and below left) from Cougar One skipper Theo Hewish... "We did two trips to D.I. over the weekend in great conditions. We caught snapper, gold band snapper, gold spot cod, pearl perch, venus tusk fish and nannygai." And Wild Thing 2 fished there on Friday for cobia, jewfish, pearl perch, tusk fish, yellowtail kingfish and iron jaw.

Venus Tusk Fish and Snapper

The Wild Thing 2 crew did even better along the middle reef belt. Report and photo (above right) from skipper Nat Turner... "We ran a seven hour charter to North Reef on Saturday in glorious conditions. The westerly wind made the swell unnoticeable and the fish were chewing! Quality snapper came on board early, they weren't too fussy hitting soft plastics, floating baits and paternosters. The rest of the catch was pearl perch, cobia, Maori cod, and venus tusk fish."


And they fished Chardon's Reef on Tuesday morning... "We had near perfect conditions. A light westerly wind and no current run, but the fishing was slow early. After a few moves and a handful of pearl perch and gold band snapper in the esky, we found a hungry school of snapper. They happily took whatever bait or rig we dropped down and we left them biting to get back in before low tide. Pictured (above) is Gary Cooper from England and Emily from Brisbane."

Spangled Emperor and Snapper

From closer in on Sunshine Reef we received these reports from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour to Sunshine on Saturday. Conditions were great with a light westerly wind and steady current to the south east. The bar wasn't too bad on the way out in the morning but had a fair wave on it by lunchtime. We caught Moses perch, grass emperor, snapper, venus tusk fish, painted sweetlip and (above left) spangled emperor. And we fished there again on Monday morning. Conditions were quite nice. Little current and a 10 knot southerly wind. The fishing was quite good with plenty of reasonable size snapper (as pictured above right), venus tusk fish, Moses perch, bonito, longtail tuna, grass emperor and school mackerel."

Coral Trout

Last but certainly not least, we received this from Ben Newland, above... "Hey Bill. Went out for an early snapper bite on Friday morning but to no avail. We then decided to jig up some livies in hopes for a winter trout and first drop managed this nice fella. Content with that, we headed in shortly after. Cheers, Ben." Ben's colourful capture won him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Australia Fish of the Week prize.

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COASTAL: Early was best as far as the open beaches were concerned. Early in the day (around first light) and early in the week before the blustery south easterlies blew in on Tuesday night. While conditions permitted, jewfish were out and about at Peregian and Marcus Beaches while at Castaways Beach it was tailor and whiting. Tailor (along with bream and flathead) were also schooling off the rocks at Sunshine Beach and up north at Double Island Point where yellowtail kingfish and bream were also active. Apart from that, bream, flathead and whiting were biting just up from the river mouth on Teewah Beach.

ESTUARY: Lots of prawns in the river at the moment but not quite the same frantic activity from the pelagics as there was a few weeks ago. The luderick were quiet at the mouth with just the odd one or two fish a day making the capture list. Up from there, flathead bream and whiting were biting in the Frying Pan while the Current Line still held a few GT's, goldens and diamond trevally. Tailor and trevally were also on the prowl around the back of The Sound after dark.


River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. We fished the lower estuary around the Woods Bays chasing bream, flathead and golden trevally. The Frying Pan and river mouth held whiting, nothing big but enough around for a feed. Weyba Creek also fished well for whiting and flathead. The Noosaville stretch worked well for the lizards. Pictured (above) is Graham with his 64cm specimen and Kate Morgan from Victoria with her 58cm fish. We had a few bust offs up in Tewantin around the jetties and houseboats and up in Lake Cooroibah we found nice dusky flathead and some big bream."


Apart from that, there were a few queenies on the prowl around Tewantin and the odd jewfish reported in the deeper holes in the stretch between the lakes. From Brady Reid, above... "Hey Bill. I went for a run in dads new boat and ended up catching a good queenfish going 60cm on a little Berkeley soft plastic. I got this fish on a fast run in tide around Tewantin. Cheers, Brady."

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