The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday August 30, 2019.
Davo's Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: No complaints here. Great conditions for the bluewater boys this week. Predominantly light to moderate variable winds and a steadily decreasing swell meant that all the local reefs were well and truly on the agenda and those anglers who could get the time off certainly made the most of it.

Jackson with his Scarlet Sea Perch, Jimbo with a Cobia and Dave with a Snapper

Double Island Point was definitely on the cards for the bigger boats. Or (as per above) for those anglers prepared to trailer a smaller boat up that way and the skills to make a beach launch. From Jackson Ross... "Hey Bill. Dave, me and Jimbo towed the boat up to Double Island Point on Sunday night, camped on the beach and fished D.I. on Monday. We had a great day boating snapper, pearlies and cobia but the standout was my thumper scarlet. By far my new pb. In beautiful conditions as well." To ice the cake, Jackson's quality fish won him this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.

Snapper and Grass Sweetlip

Cougar One ran a nine hour to D.I. on Thursday. Light winds and minimal current made fishing easy and they came back with Venus tusk fish, gold spot wrasse, Moses perch and quality snapper. While Blake Murphy from Nambour (above left) picked up this 5.8kg snapper there on Sunday. It went for a pilchard bait. Back along the middle reef belt the results were quite patchy but those with good marks and skills still managed a decent feed. Report from Cougar One skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We fished North Reef on a seven hour charter on Saturday and back to back five hour trips on Sunday. Lovely conditions with light westerlies, and minimal current from the north. We got a couple of nice mulloway late Saturday and a nice box of plate sized reefies on Sunday including pearl perch, snapper, venus tusk fish, Moses perch and (as pictured above right) grass sweetlip."

Longtail Tuna, Jewfish and Cobia

And from Craig McCarthy, above... "Hi Bill. Fished North Reef on Monday with Rod Oldfield and Neil Coxson. Rod opened with a nice Jewfish before I chipped in with a longtail but the best was left to last with the old man of the sea Neil Coxson bagging what can only be described as a Cobiasarous. Cheers, Craig."

Pearl Perch and Coral Trout

A bit closer in on Sunshine Wide/Chardon's the results were similarly patchy but still good enough for those in the know. Report and photos (above) from Cougar One skipper Nat Turner... "Hey mate. Here’s a couple of photos from our Sunday afternoon five hour. The fishing was slow during the middle of the day. After a few hangs and no keepers I went searching for new ground. Found a nice bit of hard bottom with minimal life showing on the sounder, anchored up and let the fish find us. We ended up with coral trout to 60cm, some cracking pearlies, squire, grass sweetlip, Moses perch and Venus tusk fish. We also had an amazing whale encounter and witnessed several fish get sharked at the boat! Perfect winter conditions too. Gotta love Noosa. Cheers, Nat."

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COASTAL: The open beaches showed a bit more life this week with whiting, flathead and dart on the bite at Castaways Beach. Quality flathead were also on the prowl at Sunrise Beach while the rocks at the northern end of Sunshine produced quality bream and chopper tailor. Up from there, good whiting were biting on the outgoing tide at the northern end of Alexandria Bay and the waters off Dolphin Point yielded a few chopper tailor. Back on Main Beach, flathead were active around the middle rock groyne and, together with whiting, at First Point. Over on the Noosa North Shore, whiting and flathead were also an item around Teewah township while tarwhine, bream and chopper tailor were on the bite up towards Double Island Point.

ESTUARY: Although quiet, the river mouth and Frying Pan produced flathead (on small fish baits) on the outgoing tide and whiting (on live yabbies) on the incoming. Simon Doyle from Victoria (below left) boated this 60cm flathead in that area while on a Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a whole whitebait.


Quality bream were on the bite in the deeper waters off the Woods Point Sand Bags while trevally, flathead and queenfish were on the prowl in the Woods Bays. Top of the tide, around dawn and dusk worked best there for the pelagics. Flathead were also active in the upper Gympie Terrace stretch, especially towards the Yacht Club (and further upriver opposite the Council Chambers at Tewantin) while whiting were biting in the shallows around Goat Island. Steven So from Hong Kong (above right) caught and released this 74cm flathead at Tewantin while on a Noosa River Fishing Safari. It went for a whole whitebait."

Trevally and Queenfish

"While from Sunday morning's four hour charter, where we worked the waters up towards and inside Lake Cooroibah, we have Diane from New South Wales (above left) with her 64cm trevally (which went for a lightly weighted whole whitebait) and Theo from Victoria (above right) with a 62cm queenfish."


"The jewfish were out and about as well. Paul Norris (above) caught this 68cm specimen in Cooroibah on Thursday's charter. Safely released after a quick pic."

Jewfish and Queenfish

And from Richard Green... "Hi. My 12 year old nephew Hugo (above) is pictured on his third time out fishing. We had a few screaming runs at Makepeace Island at the top of the ski run. Also pulled the hooks on a couple of fish but picked up a few fish past the cable ferry including a 64cm queenfish. He fought it for 10 minutes as it tried to bust him off around the boat. Queenfish and jewfish were caught on live bait and released quickly and safely. Regards, Richard."

FRESHWATER: Although it's a bit quiet at the moment, the daylight hours are increasing so the afternoon and evening bite will be a great time to chase fish across the various impoundments and river systems. Remember the wild bass closure is in place until the end of August which means fishing in the Noosa section of the everglades is off limits until Sunday. Until then, search for densely schooled fish in the dams and drop jigs, spoons and run plastics through any schools for the bite. Fishing the snags is always worth a try, just be sure to approach quietly and sit as far back as you can as the water clarity is very high.

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