The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday February 14, 2020.
Davo's Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: Well it wasn't one of our better weeks as far as offshore goes, that's for sure. Lots of rain, blustery at times and a building easterly swell. It was a bit of a challenge on the bar from Saturday onwards and quite sloppy on the more exposed reefs. There certainly wasn't much happening past the middle reef belt and the discoloured water in the bay and in close on Sunshine slowed the mackerel activity down, especially away from the top of the tide. All part of the cycle of life though so when everything settles down again there should be some good fishing opportunities (pelagic and bottom bashing) out there.

Spanish Mackerel

A few of the bigger boats ventured as far as North Reef but there wasn't much in the way of reports from there apart from the bread and butter reefies such as cod, grass sweetlip and moses perch. And lots of sharks. Sunshine Reef wasn't that exciting either with mostly longtail and small mack tuna plus the odd spotted mackerel in close and coral trout and grass sweetlip out wide. And, unfortunately, more sharks. Laguna Bay, though, performed quite well, even later in the week when the water became a tad discoloured from the run-off. Top of the tide worked best there. Harry Stockdale-Powell (above) motored out to Jew Shoal on Tuesday morning and, seeing it was clear of murk (it was 45 minutes after a 2.26m high tide), decided to troll a whole bonito bait on a weighted chin guard. It didn't take long for him to get a result either, and he popped into Davo's on his way home for a photo of his 6kg Spanish mackerel."

Spanish Mackerel

I chatted to local yak angler Dave McGregor (above) before I filmed him launching his kayak near the river mouth rock groyne on Saturday morning. He planned to head for the Hall's Reef stretch and see if he could scare up a Spanish mackerel. And that he did. He didn't get past Little Hall's Reef trolling a sauri bait when this 10kg (est) Spaniard crashed the party. Job done, Dave paddled back in, stopping off at Davo's for a couple of quick pix. And to show it wasn't a fluke, he did it all again on Wednesday morning but didn't even get as far as Little Hall's reef before he got two (10kg and 11kg) Spaniards.

ESTUARY: The recent weather may not have been all that good for the offshore brigade but it sure fired up the estuary species, and in particular, the mangrove jacks. They were on the prowl in numbers along the river mouth car park rocks, the Dog Beach stretch snags (as were big-eye trevally at night) and (along with more trevally and queenfish) at the Current Line and in the outer Woods Bay. From Tyson Anderson, below right... "Hey Bill. Fished the river on Saturday with my best mate Grant Brow (pictured below left). We fished the run out tide with live baits and managed some great jacks. Biggest went 53cm. Also got a few tailor, trevally and good flathead. The river is loving the rain we've received. Cheers, Tyson." Tyson's twin photo entry took out this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize. We'll leave it up to him and his good buddy Grant to decide who gets what.

Mangrove Jack

Good whiting were biting in the Frying Pan (on the run-in tide) and across the Munna Flats while the Woods Bays were also good for grunter bream and (early morning in the Inner Bay) GT's on surface. From Harry Lovett, below left... "Hey guys. Got this nice grunter (barred javelin fish) from the Woods Bays on Tuesday afternoon. I got him on chunk of pilchard and he was released to fight another day. Cheers, Harry."

Javelin Fish and Flathead

Report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. We didn't fish a lot the last week due to the weather but it fished well. We caught good flathead in the Woods Bays. Brian from Sydney (above right) caught this 65cm specimen on Tuesday's charter. It went for a live prawn. Also plenty of tailor around so fish a bit heavier, they were loving hard bodies. Trevally are feeding on top so little Chug Bugs and Sugapens for them. Around Munna Point the last few days when the clear and dirty water current line meets we have been catching barbwire queenfish, little cobia about 50-60cm and golden trevally."

Mangrove Jack

The jacks were active around the Munna Point Bridge and along the back of Noosa Sound. Sandra Daley (above) hooked and lost one in that area on Saturday so went back to the same spot on Sunday morning and picked up two (both around 48cm) to make up for it. They both went for mullet flesh baits. And from Perry Hill, below... "Hoping I could enter fish of the week with my 46cm mangrove jack! Caught on Wednesday using live baits on the run out tide."

Mangrove Jack

Weyba Creek was good for sand crabs, mud crabs and quality prawns while up behind Goat Island the catch was flathead and whiting. Further upriver, the Noosa Marina at Tewantin produced more jacks and estuary cod, the first ski run yielded flathead and Makepeace Island was the spot for the odd jewfish.

FRESHWATER: The local impoundment action slowed somewhat after the recent heavy rains. The fish were still biting, however, although best results were from the use of live baits. If using lures then a suspending hard body around 70mm worked `best. You will need to make sure you leave the lure paused for a long time. Take a look at Bassday Sugadeep and Lucky Craft Pointers. Both of these lures are the perfect bait size and are easy to work. The Lake Macdonald boat ramp is now easy to use with the rise in water levels. Update from the Deer Park: As of this morning, Borumba Dam is 101% full and is now overflowing.

Borumba Dam Bass

From Marc Horton-Stephens, above... "Caught this bass early in the morning at Lake Borumba. My son and I fished the lake’s sunken trees, sinking Berkley Gulp Minnow grubs and winding them up quickly. After a cracking battle, this beast was boat side. Measured 48cm to the tail. Released to grow bigger!"

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