The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday January 17, 2020.
Davo's Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: With light (5 to 15 knot) variable northerly winds and a nominal swell prevailing most of the weekend the bar was pretty much 'flat as'. And with the big 2.0m+ king tides, many boaties were crossing wherever it took their fancy a couple of hours either side of the high. The moderate to strong (15 to 20 knot+) south easterly change, however, shut the offshore gate (beyond the relative shelter of Laguna Bay) for Monday and Tuesday and stirred the swell on the bar up for the remainder of the week. The fishing was good, though, with the pelagics and reefies more than happy to take a well presented bait or lure.

Scarlet Sea Perch and Mahi Mahi

Double Island Point didn't disappoint, of course, with conditions on the weekend working well for the long haulers. Report and photos (above) from Cougar One skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We ran a nine hour charter to Double Island Point on Saturday. Conditions were great with a light north easterly breeze and slight current to the south. We had to move around a bit with the fish being a little shy, but we ended up with a great mixed bag of fish including some real trophies. We caught mahi mahi, large and small mouth nannygai, pearl perch, mulloway or jewfish, gold spot cod and moses perch. Cheers, Nat."

Gold Spot Cod and Grass Sweetlip from North Reef

And from closer in, we received this report and photos from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We were pretty busy over the weekend doing several five and seven hour trips to Sunshine Reef and North Reef. The fishing has been really good with good numbers of snapper and plenty of spotty mackerel about. We have also been catching cobia, moses perch, gold spot cod and grass emperor (as above) and from Sunshine (below) Spanish mackerel."

Spanish Mackerel

The Spaniards and spotties were out and about across Sunshine Reef although to listen to some boaties you'd think it was dead as a doornail out there. Not so for the kayak fraternity though. They seemed to hook and land them with monotonous regularity, so much so that we didn't have room for all their pix from last week. Maroochydore yak angler Norman Dalangin (below) picked up this 12kg Spanish mackerel there last Thursday. It went for a trolled garfish.

Spanish Mackerel

And we received this from Sean van der Walt, below left... "Hey Bill. Headed out to Sunshine Reef on my kayak around first light Thursday. Had to contend with a decent shorey that has been building for a few weeks. A few guys had their catches sharked, only left with fish heads.... I was lucky enough to get this girl up with solid runs and in between boats and jet ski circling me She went 127cm. I didn't get to weigh it as I had to shoot back to work for the day."

Spanish and Spotted Mackerel

Plus this from Jack Dekort, above right... "Hey guys! Picked up a nice 107cm cobia and this 78cm spotty on the kayak on Saturday. I was slow trolling skirted pilchards around the birds working on Sunshine Reef." And we'd better not forget the jet ski anglers. Mike Duncan from Robina on the Gold Coast (below) left home towing his jet ski at 1.30am on Thursday morning so he could get into the Spanish mackerel off Noosa before too many boats hit the water. His plan worked a treat and, trolling whole bonito baits on Sunshine Reef, he had three Spaniards in the bag (top weight 12kg) before things got too crowded.

Spanish Mackerel

Laguna Bay was another option for the small tinnies and yaks with Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel and cobia on the prowl at Jew Shoal and Hall's Reef.

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COASTAL: There were a few jewfish out and about after dark along the coastal stretch this week with Peregian Beach producing the odd keeper on live worm clusters. Further up from there, Castaways Beach was good for whiting and dart, as was the southern end of Alexandria Bay, but with the added bonus of rat yellowtail kingfish. On the National Park headland, Spanish mackerel and cobia were active off the Fairy Pools. Across the bay, the gutters around Teewah village on the Noosa North Shore yielded flathead and quality whiting around low tide while spotties were schooling off the rocks at Double Island Point

ESTUARY: Despite the continuous holiday traffic a few flathead were still on the prowl down at the river mouth and along the Dog Beach stretch. Just up from there, the waters off the Sand Bags produced blue spot trevally and mangrove jacks. From Greg Findlay, below left... "Hi. Caught this mangrove jack on Thursday. It took a live herring drifted under the Sand Bags with a tiny split shot of weight. It put up a hell of a fight on very light tackle! The fish was measured, a quick photo taken and then returned, shooting off at about 150km’s per hour. Beautiful fish. Cheers, Greg." His quality catch and release, in the middle of the day and despite all the holiday hustle and bustle, earned Greg this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.

Mangrove Jack and Trevally

Further along, the Current Line was the spot for chopper tailor (with the odd greenback amongst them) and small golden trevally, while the Woods Bays yielded a few GT's. From Craig Glawson, Bathurst, New South Wales... "Hi Davo's. Thanks for the great advice and the lures. Young Gilby (above right) nailed this trevally in the Woods Bays on Friday. He got it on one of the surface lures he bought from you, a Yo-Zuri Duel, Silver Pop 60."


River report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. The river has been fishing pretty good the last week. The lower estuary has picked up a fair boat since the boat traffic has decreased, we mainly caught flathead, bream, trevally and the odd tailor around The Woods Bays and Noosa Coast Guard. Millie from the UK (above) caught and released this 65cm tailor there on a whole prawn bait. Tewantin fished well for bream, flathead and GT’s mainly around midday on the tide change. Rod from Pomona (below left) caught and released this 55cm trevally there on a whole prawn bait on Saturday's charter."

Trevally and Tarpon

The back of Noosa Sound produced more jacks while Weyba Creek was the spot for mud crabs. Blue swimmer crabs were also out and about in numbers along the Munna Point stretch and up around Tewantin. Further up, threadfin salmon were on the bite (around the bottom of the runout tide) near the mouth of Lake Cooroibah. Upper river report from Jimmy Free... "The northern end of Lake Cooroibah has had plenty of juvenile prawn around. Up that way we've caught tarpon, tailor, pikey bream, javelin fish, queenfish and flathead. Pictured (above right) is Kaylene from Noosa with a 55cm tarpon which she caught and released on Saturday's charter using a prawn bait." Apart from that, trevally and mud crabs were reported active in the stretch between the lakes.

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