The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday July 10, 2020.
Davo's Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: A mid week (15 to 20 knot+) south easterly blow interrupted the run of quite fishable weather but, apart from that, it was all systems go for the offshore brigade. The looming month long snapper/pearl perch season closure, due to kick in on the 15th of this month (next Wednesday) would certainly have been on everyone's mind, especially seeing that there were some good quality examples of both species on the bite, especially on the outer reefs.

Amberjack, Snapper and Pearl Perch

For those with the bigger boats (or larger fuel tanks) The Hards produced snapper, amberjack, pearl perch and venus tusk fish. From Dave Leonard, above... "Hey Bill. Here's a few photos of quality fish from the past week at The Hards. Amberjack on soft plastics and snapper and pearlies on strip baits of mac tuna."

Red Emperor

Double Island Point was pretty much the same but with the added bonus there of quality red emperor. Report and photo (above) from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We had an awesome trip up at Double Island Point on Friday. We caught some cracking red emperor, venus tusk fish, hussar, gold spot wrasse and moses perch. We spent the day drifting in near perfect conditions with a slight current from the north. A good day was had by all. Cheers, Nat."

Pearl Perch and Snapper

And the Trekka 2 crew did it again the following day... "Hey Bill. We ran a private nine hour charter up to Double Island Point on Saturday. The south westerly wind and current from the north made fishing at anchor tricky, so we mostly drifted. We ended up with some great fish including a standout pearl perch, plenty of snapper in the 2-3kg range (as per the photo above), cobia, several large mouth nannygai, venus tusk fish and longtail tuna. Cheers, Nat."

Northern Bluefin or Longtail Tuna

Back on the middle reef belt, North Reef was pretty patchy with many anglers struggling to get a feed, even the overnighters. Those who had the good marks, however, did reasonably well, coming back with squirey snapper, frypan snapper, pearl perch and the odd quality moses perch. Closer in, Sunshine Reef was pretty quiet with just a few small snapper, undersize red emperor and grass sweetlip on the bite. Further south the tuna were out and about. From local yak angler Dave McGregor, above... "Hi Bill. We launched at Stumers before dawn on Friday morning. Had a quick look around Hancock before heading out to the main Reef where I picked up this 105cm longtail, lol. My friends will eat it anyway! Was good to get my arm stretched a bit. it took a ganged pilly on the drift while I was re-rigging after a shark encounter. I had him pop up after about 7 minutes. He was slightly more knackered than me! Cheers, Dave."

We flew the drone over the bar and lower estuary around 11.30am Sunday. About two hours before a 0.33m low tide. CLICK OR TAP HERE TO VIEW

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COASTAL: Adam Neilson, Davo's Tackle World... "Not a lot of feedback from the open beaches this week although the odd jewfish was reported to be on the prowl between dusk and dawn around Coolum and the southern end of Peregian Beach. During the day, Marcus Beach was the spot for flathead, dart and whiting while on Noosa Main Beach, chopper tailor were active around the middle rock groyne and flathead were on the bite at the river mouth groyne.

Dart and Flathead

On the Noosa North Shore the waters from Teewah township to Double Island Point produced flathead, dart and small tailor." From Jordy Zerk... "Hey Bill. Went for a weekend away with the family up Double Island Point. Stopped into Davo's in the way to stock up on firewood, ice, tackle and even a few beach worms. Early Saturday morning Rocky landed a nice size dart on a beach worm in the wash at Teewah. Then went back for the afternoon session after collecting a few healthy pippies off the beach (there are a lot around at the moment) and landed a nice flathead just before dark Saturday evening. After all the fun of catching fish on Saturday I was woken in the dark by the kids Sunday morning to get down the beach to get some more. So I obliged and off we went. First dart was on a pippie from the day before. Then the rest were on worms, light sinkers and small hooks floating just behind the wash. Cheers, Jordy."

ESTUARY: Adam Neilson, Davo's Tackle World... "There were some nice flathead caught on the run out in the deeper channels at the river mouth this week (as well as good whiting across the sand flats) and good size trevally schooling along the river mouth rock wall around top of the tide. Trevally and queenfish were also on the prowl further up in the outer Woods Bay and in the Current Line." From Bradley Cameron... "Hi. On holidays with my Dad Ronnie (below left) who has just moved up from Coolamon, NSW. He landed this beauty 65cm golden trevally outside the wash on edge of Woods Bay on Monday morning. Was his last bit of pilchard bait and took him a good 15 minutes to land. Much to delight of the local boaties cheering him on. Cheers. Proud son, Bradley."

Golden Trevally and Queensland Grouper

And just around the corner from there was the odd surprise. From Nabih McCallum, above right... "Hi guys. Got a great catch on Friday. Loads of bream, caught a shovel nose ray and then, at the end of the day, this monster grouper. We were using light line with yabbies for the bream and fresh mullet on the bottom out the front of our Driftwood apartment at Noosa Sound. It was a good fight, it took a lot of line and heaps of runs up and down the beach but I had heavy braid and 20 pound leader so I could boss it a bit in the end and got it up into the sand. Safely released, as was the shovel nose. Cheers, Nabs." "Whiting were also biting in Weyba Creek while trevally and queenfish were active in the lower Gympie Terrace stretch. Further up around Tewantin, the Noosa Marina area was good for flathead while jewfish were responding well to live fish baits and soft plastics in the vicinity of Makepeace Island."

Golden Trevally and Whiting

Report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. The Woods Bays fished well again for trevally, tailor and bream, mainly early morning and late afternoon when the boat traffic wasn't too bad. The Frying Pan fished well on the edges of sandbanks for good sized whiting. There’s plenty of mullet schooling at the Sand Bags and in front of the Munna Point Bridge for anyone with a cast net. We also had a few goes opposite the Yacht Club for whiting and bream and just outside the Doonella Bridge on the ebb tide for bream and flathead. Pictured (above left) is Harry from Gladstone with his 68cm golden from the Woods. He got it on a whitebait. And Harry from Brisbane (above right) with his 38cm whiting from near the Yacht Club. It went for a whole prawn."

Jewfish or Mulloway

And this from Cam Brooks... "Hi Guys. Just wanted to say thanks for the tips. My son Will (above) caught and released this nice little jewfish on a live yabby up near the first lake on Friday afternoon. As you can see he was stoked. Thanks, Cam." The astonished look on young Will's face says it all and tipped the scales in his favour when it came to deciding the FOTW winner. So, congratulations Will, you've won this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize!

Jewfish or Mulloway

Last but not least, the trevally were chasing prawn baits and soft plastics above the car ferry and, along with jacks, between the lakes. From Santiago Ramirez... "Hello Guys. Please see attached six year old Orlando’s fish caught on Wednesday in the tinny. GT at Noosa River Tewantin-end. Absolute ripper of a fight after losing one minutes earlier!!! The thrill and suspense...stakes were high. Regards, Santiago." And from Tony Harris... "Arley Harris of Boreen Point (above right) caught this 40cm Jack between the lakes using a frozen prawn bait on a whiting rig. His first ever Mangrove Jack. One very stoked 13 year old!"

FRESHWATER: Grant Budd, Davo's Northshore Bait and Tackle Marcoola... "The impoundments are still fishing very well and with water temperatures at over 19C the fish are still very much active in both Lake Macdonald and Borumba Dam. You should aim to sound around areas less than 6-8 metres deep with good structure for the bait to hold. The bass are feeding up and some are huge right now. Slow rolled spoons, jigs and vibes is getting the bites. If using a jig then be sure to get some of the Atomic Trick Bitz assist hooks to turn your lure into a fish catching weapon. A simple slug like the Arma Brass Twist can make a deadly lure. Saratoga are still active and hitting surface stickbaits like the Jackson Risk Bait and any other wide bodied lure. Be sure you use no less than 16lb leader as these fish will jump and bust you off. Have nets ready and you may be lucky to land one of these amazing fish!

Borumba Dam Bass and Saratoga

My latest mid week session to Borumba (above) turned out great with this solid 65cm toga taking my Megabass Dog X. I was lucky to land it as it came out of the water four times before netting it. Topped it off with this 47cm bass (which went for a Hot Bite 'Gang Banger' spoon) later in the day. Cheers, Grant."

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