The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday May 14, 2021.
Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: It was a great week here in Noosa for the offshore brigade. Light variable westerlies dominated the morning sessions providing excellent conditions on the local reefs ahead of the light to moderate afternoon north easterly sea breezes. All in all a pleasant winter weather pattern for the coast with the only fly in the ointment being the swell on the bar which, although not large, packed a punch at times. On the upside, the snapper were on the bite!


Double Island Point was certainly an attractive proposition for those with the bigger boats. Report and photos (above and below) from Cougar One skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a nine hour trip up to D.I. on Saturday. Conditions were great with a light north westerly wind in the morning which backed off to pretty much glass calm conditions. The fishing was good but unfortunately the sharks were very hungry in some spots. We caught grass emperor, snapper, amberjack, venus tusk fish, northern bluefin or longtail tuna, moses perch, frypan snapper, pearl perch and a few school mackerel."


And from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We’ve been flat out this past week running five and nine hour trips. The weather's been great with light westerly winds and a rolling swell and the fish have been chewing. Double Island Point produced quality snapper, mulloway (further down, left), gold band snapper (below left), amberjack and venus tusk fish. We also boated pearl perch (below right) in good numbers and a few longtail tuna to add to the mix.

Gold Band Snapper and Pearl Perch

Plus from out wide we received this from Lenny Vale, below right... "Hey guys! Fished perfect conditions Monday out at The Banks. The bite was slow early in the morning in the shallower water with minimal run so we headed a bit wider and fished 90m and picked up a few good pearl perch. The run started kicking in so we punched back into the shallower water and worked a few ledges. We picked up some quality fish including red throat, parrot, tuskies, cobia, grassies, spangled emperor and this trophy coronation trout (which went for a whole pilchard on a running ball sinker) to make a quality mixed bag! Cheers, Lenny."

Jewfish or Mulloway and Coronation Trout

On the middle reef belt, quality snapper were starting to show up on North Reef. The knobby pictured (below left) is from Trekka 2's Monday five hour trip.

Snapper and Spanish Mackerel

Closer to home, Sunshine Reef was the favoured destination for smaller boats and yak anglers. From Ian Mawn, above right... "Sunshine Reef on Friday about 1pm. Saw them on the sounder and annoyed the school a few times trolling 120 Halco hard bodies. No scales on board to weigh it but let’s just say big."

Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout and Snapper

While Wills Palfery (above left) fished there on Sunday... "Hi Bill. Conditions in the bay were awesome so we shot around the headland in the tinny for a look. No surface action so we fished Sunshine at first light for a nice box of snapper, sweetlip, tuskies, coral trout and a 12kg Spanish on the floater! Cheers, Wills."

And from Shannon Lacey, above right... "Hey Bill. Just sending you some pics of a one hour session Sunday afternoon on Sunshine Reef on the jet ski with my brother Chris. We wanted some fish for dinner so bounced some soft plastics and caught a nice mixed bag of trout, snapper and sweetlip. Cheers, Shannon."

Spanish Mackerel and Cobia

Laguna Bay was also worth a pick drop or two, at the very least for live bait and for the added bonus of the odd pelagic as the murk retreated. Report and photos (above) from Chicko Vella, Tackle World Noosa... "Love fishing when everything goes to plan. Friday was that day when the early start meets the the sunrise as we crossed the bar with the offshore breeze. Our very first hang granted Luke Stral three PB. First he tussled with this monster cobia on light gear. Then he surprised us with a 4kg snapper and thirdly managed a good sized Spanish mackerel to make the trio. Sunshine Reef had no current but green water and made for pleasant fishing with the westerly blowing. The usual sweetlip, trout and tusk fish kept us on our toes most of the morning and Clint got a nice Spaniard on a pilchard floater. The bar needed respect and fast running dirty water was evident on the lower tide! Have fun, Chicko." 

COASTAL: Mike Sultana, Northshore Bait and Tackle.. "Big bream and tailor are still around the rocks and headlands with most reports coming from anglers fishing early morning and just on dark around the Yaroomba rocks. Best bait has been pilchard on 4/0 ganged hooks rigged with a quality tough leader. With the lead up to the new moon and water temperatures dropping, we have also seen some good catches of keeper size jewfish and the odd greenback.

Jewfish or Mulloway

From Ricky Martin, below left... "Hi. I caught this 8kg jewfish at Coolum Beach late in the afternoon while fishing with my young fella Darcy. It was on the last of the run-in tide. We also got a few dart and bream. All caught on fresh beach worms." And from Ethan Chilby, above... "Hey Bill. Got this ripper of a jewfish off the rocks around Noosa after losing a few bigger models. It went for a 5" ZMan Paddle TailZ in Sexy Mullet. He was 90cm on the mat and very fat. It wasn't safe to release so we took him home for a feed. Stoked the mission paid off as it's my first fish off the rocks!" Ethan, a regular contributor to our Fishing Reports, won this week's $100.00 Tackle World Noosa/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize for his quality first time capture and inspirational story.

Jewfish or Mulloway and Whiting

Moving north, dart, whiting and chopper tailor were on the bite at Peregian Beach, and along with flathead, at Castaways Beach while the top end of Sunshine Beach produced big bream, rat yellowtail kingfish and whiting in numbers. Along from there, quality bream and whiting were schooling at the northern end of Alexandria Bay while Hell's Gates and the Fairy Pools on the National Park headland were good for the odd jewfish around dawn and dusk. Apart from that, garfish were in numbers in Granite Bay while Teewah Beach produced good whiting from the river mouth up. From Yana Brown... "Hey Bill. Mick's mum Cathy (pictured above right) caught this beautiful whiting up Teewah Beach on Mothers Day. She had a wonderful Mother's Day passing on a bit of beach fishing knowledge to her granddaughters Noa and Fin. She even managed to match her hat with the chopping board, fishing in style. Cheers, Yana."

ESTUARY: Adam Neilson, Tackle World Noosa... "There was a bit more life in the system this week with golden trevally working the baitfish in the early morning on the inside of the bar. High tide worked best there. Tailor were also active at the river mouth car park rocks while whiting were biting across the sand the flats around the mouth and in the Frying Pan. Flathead were also on the prowl in that general area but more so in the deeper channels.

Sunrise over the back of Weyba

Further up, tailor, trevally and good size queenfish were reported in the Current Line, bream were schooling around Munna Beach and queenfish, tailor and trevally were chasing the bait schools along the Gympie Terrace stretch. Upriver, the deep holes in between the lakes had school jewfish on the tide change."


And we received this report from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. There were plenty of trevally around the Woods Bays this week... goldens, big eyes and diamonds. The bream are starting to school up a fair bit in anticipation for their annual winter spawn. Lake Cooroibah fished well... we caught plenty of quality flathead on the ebb tide there. Pictured (above) is Sue from Brisbane with her a 63cm lizard she boated on Friday morning's charter."

FRESHWATER: Grant Budd, Northshore Bait and Tackle... "There have been a few solid fish caught around the edges of the stocked impoundments. Bigger bass will begin to feel an urge to start feeding up as we push toward the annual closure on June 1st. Although this is for wild fish, the impoundment fish will still follow their natural urges and school up in preparation for breeding. When this happens you can expect to catch some very fat bass in big numbers off the bottom on small jigs and spinners. Make sure you have some Hot Bite spoons ready as these get the numbers on fish holding deep down. As always ensure you have a valid SIPS permit and wash down trailers and motor legs when leaving Lake Macdonald to prevent the spread of cabomba weed.

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