The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday November 8, 2019.
Davo's Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: As per last week it was once again a little tough on the smaller boats with the northerlies roughing up the exposed reefs, especially in the afternoons when they picked up a head of steam. No real dramas for the bigger boats, of course, but those in the sub five metre runabouts didn't go too far. The bar crossing was a bit gnarly at times, especially on the last of the runout, but there were no incidents apart from the odd wet nose for the eager beavers.

Gold Spot Cod and Snapper

In close at Double Island Point was a good option for the long haulers. Report and photo from Cougar One skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We ran a nine hour charter to D.I. on Sunday. The bar was shallow and dumpy but conditions improved throughout the morning. We had a strong current from the north making fishing at anchor difficult so we drifted most of the day catching tusk fish, pearl perch, snapper and gold spot cod. Pictured (above left) is Tasmyn Higgs with with a nice cod. On Monday we fished North Reef for grass sweetlip, snapper (above right with Susan Currey), moses perch and painted sweetlip."

Snapper and Jewfish or Mulloway

While local anglers Jack Boric and his mate Jaren Kerr (above) did well fishing The Coffees and beyond on Thursday morning. Jigging soft plastics they boated a couple of jewfish or mulloway (top weight 7.5kg) and then on another hang, picked up Jaren's snapper, which tipped the Davo's scales at 6.5kg.

Pearl Perch and Grass Sweetlip

With Cougar One off the water for maintenance, Skipper Nat Turner took Wild Thing 2 for a run... "G'day Bill. We ran a five hour charter to North Reef on Thursday morning in near perfect conditions. Light north westerly winds and little to no current. We caught good pearl perch, squire, moses perch, tusk fish, grass sweetlip and frypan snapper. Pictured (above) is Jo-Anne Hart with her quality pearly and Harley Dintinosante with a nice grass sweetlip. Cheers, Nat."

Snapper and Venus Tusk Fish

Back towards home base, Sunshine Reef was certainly worth a look. Report and photo from Wild Thing 2 skipper Kyle Morish... "Hey Bill. We fished Sunshine Reef on a five trip on Sunday. Current was still rushing to the south. Wind was 15 knots from the north east in the morning, dropping off to 10 knots over lunch time. We caught venus tusk fish, grassy sweetlip and squire. Pictured (above) is Ella Hopkinson from Tinbeerwah with a snapper and tuskie."

Coral Trout and Cobia

And from Trekka 2 skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a five hour trip to Sunshine Reef on Sunday morning. The bar was quite dumpy but manageable. We had a 10-15 knot northerly wind for most the morning and a fair amount of current from the north. We caught coral trout (above left), squire, grass emperor and venus tusk fish. And we fished there again on Monday. The bar was a lot smaller than Sunday but very shallow considering the height of the low tide and the swell and wind pushing water into the river. Will definitely be one to watch out for next westerly blow. The current was still from the north but had eased from the days before. We caught yellowtail kingfish, cobia, school mackerel and grass emperor. Pictured (above right) is Ben Collins from Noosaville with a nice cobia and (below) Connor from Mildura with his absolute thumper yellowtail kingfish."

Yellowtail Kingfish

Laguna Bay was an attractive option for the tinny brigade with cobia, small snapper and the odd grass sweetlip still on the prowl along the Hall's Reef stretch.

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COASTAL: Wow! The latter part of the week was pretty eventful as far as the open beaches were concerned with out of control bush fires raging around Teewah Village on the Noosa North Shore. No casualties or property damage that we know of , fortunately, but residents were evacuated at one stage when it was deemed necessary. Prior to that, the whiting were in good numbers and of good quality in the area while flathead were biting towards the river mouth.

Noosa North Shore Bush Fires

Moving south, bream and whiting were biting around the middle rock groyne and at First Point on Noosa Main Beach and up around the headland at the northern end of Alexandria Bay and Sunshine Beach. Tailor were also active in the southern stretch with some good fish reported at Sunshine and Peregian.

Greenback Tailor

Photo (above) and brief report from local angler Dave McGregor... "Hi Bill. I christened the Wilson Live Fibre surf rod that I picked up from Davo's Tackle World last week with this beauty! It went 64cm. Got it at Sunshine Beach on Saturday morning. Just before it rained. It went for a whole pilchard on ganged hooks. Cheers, Dave." This quality greenback tailor earned Dave this week's $100.00 Davo's Tackle World/ChaseBaits Australia Fish of the Week prize.

ESTUARY: Flathead and whiting were again the dominant bread and butter species in the lower estuary this week with some quality fish coming from the river mouth and the Frying Pan. The start of the runout tide worked well for the whiting around the sand flats while the lizards were taken mostly in the deeper channels. From David Tierney, below left... "G'day Bill. I went for a fish on the last of the run out tide on Wednesday morning. Using live herring as bait I managed to land this 74cm flattie at the river mouth! After a couple of quick photos she was released safely." There were also a few good bream on the bite in that area. From Amy McBride... "Hi Bill. Xavier 9 and Oscar 3 (below right) caught and released a bream this side of bar earlier in the week. Regards, Amy."

Flathead and Bream

The mangrove jacks were out and about after dark with some good fish taking live baits and mullet strips around the Dog Beach snags and the deep water out from the Sand Bags. Big eye trevally were also on the prowl after dark in the Woods Bays and, together with more jacks, around the back of Noosa Sound. Weyba Creek was another good spot for the bread and butter species with whiting on the bite below the bridges and flathead active above. Upriver at Tewantin, the Marina was good for mangrove jacks and flathead were on the bite opposite the council chambers. Both of those species (along with jewfish) made their presence felt around Makepeace Island and in the stretch between the lakes. There were a few quality GT's in the mix up that way as well.

FRESHWATER: The impoundments quietened off after the bigger rains but with the temps above 25C it will soon be time to start working the surface lures. Head out early and look around the timber and lily edges. Once the sun comes up a bit, switch to smaller jerk baits like the Jackall Squirrel 67 and put in a long pause! Please Note: Borumba Dam is almost two metres below full capacity so new timbers are popping up all over... so go slow and keep an eye out!

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