The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday November 19, 2021.
Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: Not a bad week with mostly light to moderate variable westerlies carrying through from the weekend before morphing into moderate to fresh south easterlies on Wednesday. No off days but it was a bit lumpy after the south east change. No complaints either with plenty of quality reefies on the bite. The bar wasn't an issue either with little or no swell on the channel, in the bay or beyond. Large schools of baitfish in the bay were an added bonus.

Pearl Perch

There wasn't much in the way of reports from the more distant reefs this week with few boats, if any, venturing much beyond the middle reef belt. Report and photos (above and below) from Cougar One skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a seven hour trip to North Reef on Tuesday morning in beautiful conditions. Once again the swell was almost non existent and there was hardly any wind. The fishing was quite consistent at every spot. We caught quite a few quality pearl perch along with moses perch, painted sweetlip, grass emperor and cod.

Painted Sweetlip and Grass Sweetlip

And we also ran a seven hour charter to North Reef on the Monday. Conditions were absolutely beautiful with little wind, swell or current. We caught grass emperor (as pictured below left), Maori cod, venus tusk fish, moses perch, gold spotted estuary cod and pearl perch. Cheers, Mitch."

Grass Sweetlip and Spangled Emperor

And from Mark Bisman... "Hi mate. Went out with Mark Parker (above right) on one of the rare occasions that he wasn’t on Coast Guard duty and the weather played nice. After grabbing some live bait we headed to North Reef and Mark’s first drop was engulfed by this cracking 69cm+ spangled emperor. We ended up moving around a bit throughout the morning but finished up with a good mixed bag of pearl perch, cod, tusk fish and a few other reefies. Cheers, Mark."

Pearl Perch and Maori Cod

Plus this report and photos (above) from Wild Thing 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We battled some rough conditions and fished North Reef on Wednesday morning’s five hour. Luckily the fishing made it worthwhile. We caught numerous pearl perch, a few tasty Maori cod, venus tusk fish, moses perch and grass sweetlip. We had 15-20 knots of south easterly wind and a fairly strong current heading the opposite way making it a bit lumpy. Cheers, Nat."

Apart from that, a few Spanish mackerel were reported on the bite around Chardon's Reef, at Sunshine Reef (along with coral trout and grass sweetlip) and at Jew Shoal in Laguna Bay. There were also a few cobia taken on floated baits and trolled lures below the bait schools along the Halls' Reef stretch.

We flew the drone over the bar late Sunday morning. Plenty of boats crossed between 10.45am and 11.30am... about 45 minutes after a 0.67m low tide.
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COASTAL: Rob Bracey, Tackle World Noosa.... "The rocks at Yaroomba produced good golden trevally, tailor and even the odd grass sweetlip, mainly early morning on squid and half pillies. The open beaches had quality whiting and dart in the shallow water gutters on the start of the run-out tide with worms and peeled prawns being the best bait. The whiting hot spots were Peregian Beach (along with dart), Castaways Beach (together with flathead), the northern end of Sunshine Beach and in Alexandria Bay. On the Noosa North Shore, whiting were biting at Teewah village while dart were active up at Double Island Point."

Sunset over Laguna Bay

ESTUARY: Rob Bracey, Tackle World Noosa.... "Flathead, of course, were active throughout the lower estuary again with some good fish coming from the river mouth on the run-out, the top of the Frying Pan (along with quality whiting), the Munna Point area and (together with more whiting) in Weyba Creek. There were also a few golden trevally (and the odd GT) in the deeper channels at the river mouth and in the Woods Bays. First light worked best there.

Sunrise over upper Weyba Creek

Mangrove jacks were out and about after dark around the Munna Point Bridge, the back of Noosa Sound and up around the Noosa Marina at Tewantin. Apart from that,  there were a few good size bream on the bite along the Noosaville jetty stretch, whiting at Goat Island and mud crabs in Lake Cooroibah.


Report and photos from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey Bill. Nothing short of perfect weather for the weekend just been. We had Jim (pictured above) his daughter Julie (below left) and her family out with us on Saturday. Jim landed a standout 83cm flathead and Julie boated a 73cm specimen. Both released. We also caught a few bream around the Woods Bays and a few nice whiting in the Frying Pan area. Tewantin was fishing well early in the piece for GT's, bream and flathead while the Lake Cooroibah boat channel also delivered plenty of reasonable table sized flathead."


And we received this from Oco Reilly... "Hi there. My brother James and his daughter Goldie (pictured above right) bagged this 68cm lizard at the Weyba Creek entrance on an Atomic lure sold to me at Tackle World Noosa. Thanks for all the advice. Stoked on a good result!"

Golden Trevally catch and release

Bill Watson, Fishing Noosa... "Stopped off at the Woods Bays on my way back from the river mouth on Tuesday morning after filming the bar. Water looked glassy so had just set up the camera to get a bit of footage when 'Birdman' (above left) called out from the old jetty that he was hooked up. Turned out to be a nice little golden trevally. Went for a prawn piece and gave him a bit of stick on light gear. Filmed the release as well. He told me he'd caught and released a GT about fifteen minutes before and hooked and lost a bigger fish (could have been a ray) before I left. To view the video, just click on the photo above."

FRESHWATER: Grant Budd, Northshore Bait and Tackle... "The impoundments have had a top up with both Lake Macdonald and Borumba Dam not far off 100% capacity. With a sudden rise in levels its going to be a case of have sounders running and have a deep diving slow moving lure out the back. If after a great action, small diving lures the Rapala Fat Jack will work really well around the deeper areas as it gets down to three metres. Quite often bass will school up in deeper waters as the temperatures can be more stable so look around the main basin areas.

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