The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday November 27, 2020.
Davo's Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: It was quite fishable on the local reefs this week with light to moderate variable easterlies dominating. A tad joggly on Tuesday and Wednesday when the winds picked up a bit but there were certainly no complaints from the offshore fraternity. The bar was sloppy at times but with a fairly modest swell there were no issues, even for the smaller boats. We took the opportunity, in fact, to fly the drone late on Monday morning. You can view that video above.

Snapper and Mahi Mahi

On the better days, the more distant reefs were worth a shot. Report and photos (above) from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "We ran a nine hour charter to Double Island Point on Saturday in great conditions. We caught mahi mahi, cobia, snapper, pearl perch and heaps of tusk fish and moses perch. Cheers, Nat."

Pearl Perch and Maori Cod

Out wide, the Barwon Banks were good for cobia, snapper and pearl perch, as was The Hards but with the added bonus there of gold spot cod and Maori cod. From Gavin Watts, Noosa Offshore Fishing Club... "Hi Bill. Took young Eddy Walter and Harry Vanderbelt (pictured above) for a fish out to The Hards on Sunday. The snapper were chewing. In addition, Eddy got this nice pearl perch on a knife jig and Harry’s Maori cod hammered a pilchard."

Cobia and Coral Trout

Back along the middle reef belt, small black marlin and mahi mahi were on the prowl out around Chardon's Reef while North Reef produced medium sized jewfish over the 1.0m mark. There were also some good reefies on the chew there and closer in around Sunshine and south towards Arkwright Shoal. Report and photos (above) from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We ran back to back five and seven hour trips to North and Sunshine reefs on Friday. Conditions were pretty good and we caught a good mixed bag including cobia, pearl perch, grass sweetlip, coral trout, venus tusk fish and gold spot cod."

Yellowtail KIngfish

And the Trekka team fished Sunshine Reef again on Sunday on a five hour trip... "Conditions were glorious, but we had a hard time getting fish past the sharks on some spots. We caught pearl perch, venus tusk fish, moses perch and yellowtail kingfish. Richard from the Noosa Yachtie Fishing Club is pictured (above) with his standout YTK going just under 12kg, which he did extremely well to land on light gear."

Black Marlin

There were unconfirmed reports of spotted and school mackerel along the Hall's Reef stretch and up at Stingrays. Also small longtail and mack tuna plus the odd juvenile billfish in the bay. From Kevin Murphy... "Hi guys. Quick report from Thursday morning. Caught a nice little black marlin (above) just outside Hall's Reef whilst chasing mackerel. Caught on a trolled pilchard on 10kg line. Challenging fight as I was fishing solo. Successfully released. Cheers, Kevin."

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COASTAL: Not a lot of feedback from the open beaches this week, certainly not much in the way of standouts. Having said that, there were a few tailor on the prowl at Peregian Beach plus dart, whiting and the odd flathead on the bite at Castaways. Whiting were also biting at the northern end of Sunshine Beach, around the rock groynes on Main Beach and up around Teewah township on the Noosa North Shore. Up at Double Island Point it was mostly dart.

ESTUARY: Adam Neilson, Davo's Tackle World Noosa... "It was a fairly predictable week in the lower estuary with flathead on the run-out tide at the river mouth and trevally active on the high tide in the deeper channels. There were good numbers of big whiting on the flats and drop offs in the Frying Pan plus trevally, queenfish and tailor at the Current Line and in the Woods Bays. From Joshua Gameiro, below left... "Got a few trevally and a couple of tailor in the Woods Bays late on Wednesday arvo. On surface using 6lb braid. All released." There were also a few jacks on the prowl after dark at the back of The Sound.

Trevally and Whiting

Quality whiting were schooling in Weyba Creek, off Culgoa Point and along the Noosaville stretch. From Richard Wielaard... "Hi Bill. I am Paul's support worker and am writing this on his behalf. Paul (above right) caught this whiting off the beach opposite Zachary's on Gympie Terrace. Due to his condition he's not able to throw in so I did this for him. Paul did the rest. Paul has several medical/health issues, one of which is which is a degenerative muscular disease which has left him wheelchair bound. Paul is a wonderful character, who really likes to still do some nice things and who can make people happy with his smile. On Monday, he really wanted to go fishing, so we went fishing. Paul caught a fish and was as happy as anyone could ever be. Paul got a nice applause from some ladies who were witnessing it. It was the nicest experience! The fish was happily released back into the river. Thanks for reading. Regards, Richy." Paul's story was a major crowd pleaser on our FaceBook page and, as such, it won him a $100.00 bonus prize pack courtesy of Davo's Tackle World.

From Bill Watson, Fishing Noosa... "Stopped at the Munna Point Bridge around 4.55am on Sunday morning to shoot the sunrise (see above) just as the baitfish (good poddy mullet) and prawns did the 'run of doom' at various points on the surface. I noticed local angler Matt Shambrook had just hooked up as I was about to leave (he was casting a small metal slug) so photographed and filmed him (after getting his ok) playing out and landing a nice GT."


From Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. We’re back on deck. Had a trip on Tuesday morning. Fished the Woods Bays. Caught a couple of flathead there and further over at Munna Point. Pictured (above) is Margaret from Beachmere with her 85cm flathead which was released safely after a quick pic. It went for a whole whitebait. There was heaps of surface action but didn’t respond to bait. Would be worth while being there early with some poppers or pencil lures casting through them. We then went up Weyba to escape the northerly. Caught plenty of bream for the kids and some quality whiting as well."


Upriver at Tewantin the jacks were still active around the Noosa Marina and, together with mud crabs, up around Lake Cooroibah and in the stretch between the lakes. There was also the bonus of whiting at the top of Lake Cooroibah and the odd pleasant surprise for those in the mood to troll. From Luke Strahl, above... "Hey Bill. Landed a fingermark on Saturday while trolling the upper estuary in my kayak. It went for a Rapala Shadow Rap Jack Deep hard body. Pretty rare catch down here. Released because I want them to breed. I know how tasty they are so that was hard. Ha ha. Cheers, Luke." As mentioned, these hard fighters aren't all that common in our system so for his efforts Luke was awarded this week's $100.00 Davo's/ChaseBaits Fish of the Week prize.

FRESHWATER: Grant Budd, Davo's Northshore Bait and Tackle Marcoola... "If you're looking for something different, why not take a trip into the Noosa Everglades and target the wild bass. These fish certainly run hard and the scenery is nothing short of spectacular. Take small surface lures like the Sammy 65, MMD Splash Prawn and the Tiemco Soft Shell Cicadas and flick the edges. These lures will also work well in any of our local dams. The hotter weather is providing early risers with a good surface bite which has to be the most exciting way to fish. Be sure to purchase a SIPS permit if fishing the impoundments.

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