The Noosa Fishing Report
Monday January 17, 2022.

Report and photos from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Here’s a few pics (below) from our five hour trip to North Reef on Sunday morning. Conditions were pretty good once the early morning storms passed with only light westerly winds and a 2m+ easterly swell. The fish were fired up and we got a good mixed bag of snapper, pearl perch, tusk fish, Maori cod, gold spot cod and moses perch. Take care crossing the bar as there’s some big sets coming through."

Maori Cod and Pearl Perch

And from Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Photos (below) from Saturday morning's charter. Pictured are Jacob and Daniel with a couple of 65cm flathead. We kept Daniel's and let Jacob's go. Fished the Woods Bays and the Frying Pan and then moved along up to Tewantin for javelin fish and trevally."


Report and photos (below) from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. Been running triple five hour trips the last few days. North Reef has been really productive and less sharky than Sunshine. On Saturday we got a heap of pan sized reef fish including snapper, pearl perch, tuskfish, moses perch, sweetlip and cod, along with Spanish mackerel. Conditions have been good but the swell seems to be on the way up with some good sets on the bar. Cheers, Nat."

Spanish Mackerel.

And from local angler Josh Collins... "Hi Bill. Went for an early fish on Saturday morning and managed to boat some Spanish mackerel at Chardon's Reef before the tide turn. Young Amos (below right) in the picture was our lucky charm. Fish were caught on jigs and trolled hard body lures. Cheers, Josh."

Laguna Bay Sunrise and Spanish Mackerel.

Friday, January 14, 2022: After a couple of days off, conditions improved enough for the charter boats and smaller vessels to head offshore again. The only limitation was the swell on the bar which was still a bit murky and gnarly. Hovering around the 1.8m mark it was also rather unforgiving for those who strayed from the fairly well defined channel but no problem for those who took their time. It was rather long, however, which caught the odd boaty by surprise.

Update from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Conditions are improving with about 10 knots of easterly wind and a rolling 1.5m swell. The sharks are ruthless on Sunshine Reef but we’ve caught cobia, snapper, grass sweetlip and moses perch today. Still a few good waves on the bar."

The Noosa Bar Report.

And from when conditions permitted earlier in the week, we received this report and photo (below) from Trekka 2... "Hey Bill. After a couple of weeks off due to the swell we finally got back out the past few days. We’ve fished around Sunshine Reef for daily good results. There’s still a couple of cobia around, along with pearl perch, grass sweetlip, Maori cod, tuskfish, snapper and moses perch. A lot of the better fish are still getting sharked. Not much current on Tuesday but the easterly swell was getting up by lunchtime so it looks like another day or two off. Cheers, Nat."

Pearl Perch

But the estuary was still the place to be with flathead, bream, grunter bream (javelin fish) and trevally on the prowl in the deeper waters down towards the river mouth and whiting in good numbers across the sand flats of the Frying Pan. Mangrove jacks were also worth targeting in the lower estuary after dark with live fish baits, prawns and fresh mullet strips working best. The Munna Point Bridge and the back of Noosa Sound were also good options for the red bream with trevally a bonus there around first light. The grunters were also out and about in the Woods Bays and, along with mud crabs, in Weyba Creek.

From Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Hey mate. Dom (below) caught and released this 81cm flathead in the lower estuary on Monday's early morning charter. We headed out around 5am. We also caught good size bream and a handful of grunter or javelin fish.


And we had a two hour dusk trip late on Monday afternoon. We caught flathead, moses perch, bream and estuary cod. Chelsea’s bream (pictured below) which went 43cm, was boated not far from the river mouth. Couple of battle scars from a tough life."


Plus we received this report and photo (below left) from John Wacker... "Hi guys. Here’s my son George at dusk on Saturday night in the Frying Pan. We were whiting fishing and he caught this on a yabby on a size 6 hook using 6lb braid with 8lb leader. Took him almost 10 mins to get it boatside and then it was lip gripper for the win as we forgot to bring a net. It went 50cm. We also got a dozen whiting over 30cm. Hope all is well. Regards, JW."

Mangrove Jack and Flathead

From local angler Terry Martin... "One happy holiday for my mate's son Zac, above right. He caught this 65cm flathead at the river mouth on a prawn bait."

Major flooding of the Mary River expected to be as much as nine metres on Sunday morning after the Gympie Region was inundated with rain from ex-cyclone Seth. No sign of any problems on the Noosa River at the moment apart from usual holiday boat traffic. As per the photo below, 'murky as' though.

Rainy day in Noosa

January 7, 2022: Estuary report from Rob Bracey, Tackle World Noosa... "The murky fresh may have stalled things for a few days but before long the jacks and whiting were out looking for a feed at the river mouth and, along with flathead, in the Frying Pan. Further up, big eye trevally, GT's, tailor and queenfish were on the prowl in the Current Line while Weyba Creek was good for mud crabs, whiting and quality bream. Apart from that, trevally were reported in front of the Yacht Club in the morning, jacks were active around the Noosa Marina while between the lakes it was mud crabs and (on dusk) mangrove jacks."

Flathead on a rainy day in Noosa

And rain or no rain, there were also a few lizards out and about above Tewantin. From Michael Cameron... "Six year old Jimmy Dewar (above left) pulled in this 55cm flathead first cast on his new rod upstream of the Tewantin Ferry. Bait was squid. Happy Days!"

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