The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday September 17, 2021.
Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: The weekend warriors got the best of it this time around with light to moderate variable westerly winds dominating the morning sessions followed by brisk, moderate to fresh, northerlies in the afternoon. A bit blowy from Tuesday onwards though, but ok for fishing Laguna Bay (where a few longtails were on the prowl) if you were keen for a feed of sashimi. Not much swell on the bar but even so it was a bit gnarly either side of the low tide.

Rusty Jobfish

When conditions permitted the outer reefs were certainly worth the travel time and extra fuel. Report and photo (above) from Cougar One skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did a nine hour trip out to The Hards on Friday. Conditions were nothing like they had forecast with 15 knots of westerly for most of the day. We caught snapper, pearl perch, venus tuskfish, bonito, moses perch, frypan snapper, rusty jobfish, longtail tuna and mac tuna."

Yellowtail Kingfish and Teraglin Jewfish

And so was Double Island Point. Report and photos (above and below) from Trekka/Wild Thing skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. We ran nine hour trips Friday, Saturday and Sunday up to D.I. The fishing was good with some quality fish like snapper, yellowtail kingfish, mulloway, pearl perch, tuskfish, hussar, teraglin jewfish and sweetlip coming over the side. By Sunday the current was fairly strong from the north along with 15-20 knots of northerly wind. Cheers, Nat."

Jewfish or Mulloway

And from the middle reef belt, this from Todd Richardson, below left... "Hey. Caught this 82cm snapper at North Reef on Saturday morning on a pilchard bait. Other fish caught for the morning were pearlies, smaller snapper, tusk fish, trag jew, sweetlip and moses perch along with plenty of yakkas. Cheers, Todd." 

Snapper and Gold Spot Cod

And we received this report and photos (above right and below left) from Trekka 2 relief skipper Kyle 'Pedro' Tilling... "Hey Bill. We ran a seven hour charter to Massoud's and Chardon's reefs on Sunday. We had light winds from the north west in the morning then a stronger northerly from mid-day onwards. There was a reasonable amount of current running to the south. We boated Maori cod, gold spot cod, venus tusk fish, snapper and moses perch. Cheers, Pedro." 

Maori Cod and Snapper

And another one from Cougar One skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did back to back five hour trips on Saturday. We fished Sunshine Reef in the morning and North Reef in the afternoon. We had a slight run on current to the south at both reefs and a 15 knot northerly wind came up on this afternoon's trip. We caught moses perch, venus tuskfish, tuna, gold spot estuary cod, snapper (as above right), pearl perch, coral bream and grass emperor."

Jewfish or Mulloway

From further south, we received this Leon van Zuydam, above... "Hi guys. I would like to enter this fish for the Fish of the Week competition. It was caught on Saturday morning on sunrise near Murphy’s Reef off Mooloolaba. It went for a live yakka. I didn’t weigh it but it was 1.1m in length. Thanks, Leon." Sure enough, this quality jewfish or mulloway won Leon the added bonus of this week's $100.00 Tackle World Noosa/ChaseBaits Australia Fish of the Week prize.

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COASTAL: Rob Bracey, Tackle World Noosa.... "The jewfish were fairly quiet down around Yaroomba this week but on the upside the whiting (and a few dart) were in good numbers from Castaways Beach to Sunshine Beach. There were also a few tailor on the prowl off the rocks at the southern end of Alexandria Bay and Dolphin Point. Moving along, whiting were biting at the river mouth rock groyne and, along with dart and flathead, over on the North Shore side.

Fishing the River Mouth Rock Groyne

Further up, whiting and the occasional tailor were active from Teewah to Double Island Point while dart, tailor and bream were on the bite at Rainbow Beach.

ESTUARY: Rob Bracey, Tackle World Noosa.... "No outstanding captures reported in the estuary this week. The bread and butter species were out and about though with whiting responding well to worms and live yabbies across the lower estuary flats and flathead working the deeper channels at the river mouth. 


Up from there, chopper tailor were reported on the prowl around Woods Bays and the Current Line while Weyba Creek produced flathead and some good whiting. From Nat Smales... "Harper Smales (pictured above) caught and released this 65cm flatty in Weyba Creek on Saturday. It went for a pilchard bait."


While Nicole Robinson (above) caught and released this 63cm flathead (on a Gobblers soft plastic) on Thursday morning's Noosa River Fishing Safari.

Upriver at Tewantin, flathead, trevally and queenfish were going for soft plastics opposite the Council Chambers, good size jewfish were active around Makepeace Island and flathead were responding to trolled hard body lures and floated pilchards in the Lake Cooroibah boat channel on the run out tide.

FRESHWATER: Grant Budd, Northshore Bait and Tackle... "The freshwater scene will be more active as the warmer temps continue to heat the edges. The bottlebrush are in full flower and if you see any hanging over the edges it is always worth putting a cast or two directly under them. Otherwise, if new to freshwater don’t forget your SIPS permit and take a troll with a Zerek Tango Shad out the back. These little lures draw lots of attention from any passing bass.

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