The Noosa Fishing Report
As at Friday September 24, 2021.
Tackle World Noosa

OFFSHORE: Light to moderate variable northerlies ruled the roost over the weekend which ideally suited the small boat brigade. These conditions briefly gave way to fresh to strong variable southerlies on Tuesday and Wednesday but that was mostly a bigger boat option and the lee of the land was the best strategy there. The bar crossing was a lot more settled in the latter half of the week with the early morning sou'westers flattening it out considerably.

Spangled Emperor and Pearl Perch

Not a lot of feedback from the outer reefs which wasn't surprising. The closer marks were quite productive anyway and well worth the effort. Report and photos (above and below) from Cougar One skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did back to back five and seven hour trips to Sunshine Reef on Sunday. Conditions were quite nice in the morning with the northerly wind getting up again in the afternoon. The bar was relatively flat especially around the high tide but extremely shallow around low. I’d say at dead low a walk to the north shore is very manageable without getting your knees wet. The fishing was quite good, we caught pearl perch, venus tuskfish, spangled emperor, Maori cod, grass emperor, painted sweetlip, cobia, tuna, snapper and moses perch."

Cobia and Maori Cod

There were also a few cobia and the odd longtail on the prowl around Halls Reef and plenty of spanner crabs being caught between the 38m and 45m line.

Jewfish or Mulloway

The middle reef belt was about as far as anyone cared to venture unless they worked the close in marks of D.I. Report and photos (above and below left) from Trekka 2 skipper Nat Turner... "Hey Bill. Had a busy few days with the good weather. On Friday we ran a five hour trip to North Reef. Fishing was a bit slow but we managed to catch a quality mulloway or jewfish along with snapper, venus tuskfish and grass sweetlip. On the weekend we ran nine hour trips to Double Island Point for good results. We caught snapper, pearl perch, cobia, venus tuskfish, grass sweetlip, moses perch and longtail tuna. Cheers, Nat." 


And we received this report and photos (above right and below) from Cougar One skipper Mitch Bertacchini... "Hey Bill. We did back to back seven and five hour trips on Saturday to North and Sunshine reefs. Conditions were beautiful in the morning but slowly deteriorated throughout the day as the northerly wind came up. We caught gold spot cod, Maori cod, venus tuskfish, painted sweetlip, snapper, pearl perch, grass emperor, tuna and moses perch."

Grass Sweetlip

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We flew the drone over the bar and up to the Woods Point and back on Saturday morning, 10.30am-11.00am. One hour before a 0.4m low. See above.

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COASTAL: Rob Bracey, Tackle World Noosa.... "We had pretty good conditions on the open beaches this week with whiting and dart on the bite at Peregian Beach, Castaways Beach and Sunshine Beach. The rocks at the northern end of Sunshine and Hells Gates also produced quality bream and the odd tailor.

Noosa Sunrise

Around the corner from there, garfish were still active in Granite Bay while Dolphin Point was good for tailor and trevally. Across the bay on the Noosa North Shore, the waters around Teewah Village yielded flathead, whiting and plenty of good dart while further north, bream, tailor and whiting were biting at D.I.

ESTUARY: From Jimmy Free, Noosa River Fishing Safaris... "Heya Bill. Took advantage of the nice weather over the weekend and got some good flathead in return. Sharlisse (below left) boated this 65cm lizard and a cracker whiting in the lower estuary. Didn’t manage to get a pic of the whiting unfortunately. And Rodney (below right) boated this 69cm specimen at the entrance to Weyba Creek. Both were on Saturday morning's charter. Apart from that, the Frying Pan fished well for whiting on live worms and yabbies and the river mouth produced big sea bream and the odd trevally on the flood tide. Upriver, the ski runs in Tewantin were full of grunter bream (javelin fish) and a few trevally. We also fished Lake Cooroibah, catching flathead, whiting and the odd small jewfish."


And from Rob Bracey, Tackle World Noosa.... "Whiting were still in good numbers in the Frying Pan while flathead and the odd trevally were feeding in the deep channels at river mouth. The flathead were plentiful and averaging 45cm to 55cm. Further up, the Woods Bays were good for queenfish, big eye trevally and estuary cod. From Adam Bradley, below... "Fish of the week for me. 60cm cod. Caught Tuesday morning in Noosa Sound on a live bait. Released nicely."

Estuary Cod

Around the corner from there, mangrove jacks were on the prowl in the Munna Point area and the back of Noosa Sound between dusk and dawn. From Paul Hemmings, below... "Hi. Fabulous start to our two week Munna Point camping trip! Well worth the 5am wake up on Monday morning. Only my second ever mangrove jack. Caught on live bait under the Munna Point Bridge and it's now back swimming with its mates. Thanks Tackle World for the tips on trevally and jack fishing!" Paul's quality early bird catch and release won him this week's $100.00 Tackle World Noosa/ChaseBaits Australia Fish of the Week prize.

Mangrove Jack

Just along from there, Weyba Creek produced whiting and flathead while upriver at Tewantin; flathead, queenfish and the odd jack were active opposite the Council Chambers.  Further up in the stretch between the lakes the mangrove jacks were in good numbers and responding well to live fish baits and lures."

FRESHWATER: Grant Budd, Northshore Bait and Tackle... "The impoundment waters are very clear right now. They are warming up so leaders may have to be dropped if fishing in the middle of the day. Bass have been hanging out in the timber and along the bank edges. There have been a few fish hitting surface lures but be sure you use small options with lots of pauses. The little Sammy 65 is a great lure with many fish to its name. You can also try unweighted ZMan soft plastics on weedless hooks as they float. You can walk them like a small stickbait or just let them sit as bass will often sit just under and study a lure before smashing it. Don’t forget the barra are also waking up making he next few months a great time to go away and target them."

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